"Building Vanilla"

It’s not easy building your own brand, but it’s a hell of a lot easier when you know what you want to create. I worked with a broad range of design and product experts to make Vanilla really stand out. Whether it was sourcing and designing the jars for the body cream and face cream or the individual ingredients for the relief and active massage oils, each part was painstakingly obsessed over.

My team has built a series of products to help with every aspect of what you need in the bedroom. Face and body cream to keep your skin glowing night and day, massage oils to help you relax (relief) and recover (active), a cock ring to keep you standing up tall and a lube to help you to be where you need to be. The Full Watson was engineered to be the perfect solution to every persons night time needs.

Vanilla as a scent, and Vanilla as a brand, is intended to be the sweetest experience possible and has been code signed all the way through by my community.

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