"We're Vanilla"

Since 2017 I’ve been involved with everything sexual. Over the past four years I’ve spent my life becoming an expert on what looks and feels good, both for myself and my followers.

Throughout that time I’ve been looking for a product range that can be my bedroom, but I hadn’t yet found it. I wanted a selection of products that I could use reliably anytime I wanted to be intimate - whenever I wanted to touch and feel my partners skin.

So I built this range of products. A range that I believe everyone needs in their every day lives for a better bedroom experience. Whether that’s beautifully scented oils for a massage or a lube which smells incredible, feels amazing and doesn’t get sticky (I’ve checked…quite a few times). All custom made, and all created with my exact specifications in mind.

Everything is vegan, cruelty free, made in the UK and suggested by my followers. I already have a few personal favourites. The relax massage oil is a personal favourite, it smells incredible and is great for relaxation after a workout (or any kind of vigorous exercise) whether you want to use it solo or with a partner.

The lubecock ringmassage oils and creams are all made with love from me. I hope you enjoy them!

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